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Mural Paintings

Mural Paintings

8 mural paintings were based on collage work of female figures taken from magazines and translated into one color paintings. Each mural features a different female character and tells a unique story about female identity.

Pop Up Museum 
Imperial Hotel Wonderland

A unique pop-up exhibition at the Imperial Hotel in Tel Aviv!
Each room has been transformed into a work of art based on the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Our studio created a room with an explosion of tiles, taken from real Tel Aviv apartments and reproduced with painting, stencils, sewing, and digital printing. The colorful tiles pay homage to the vibrant building style that once defined Tel Aviv architecture but is now disappearing.

Collages artwork

Collage allows me to interact with existing materials – anything from newsprint and magazines to maps, tickets, propaganda and photographs – to rip them apart and reassemble them, creating visually dynamic hybrids.

Women Collages

Food Collages