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My name is Tamar Yogev

I'm a multidisciplinary artist / designer

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Tamar Yogev (1988) is a Dutch-Israeli artist and designer. Born in The Netherlands and raised in Israël - Tel Aviv. Here she studied Textile Design and majored in printmaking for two years in Shenkar art school. In her third year, she moved to The Netherlands to study at the Minerva Art Academy, where she majored in Product design. She graduated cum laude in 2019 and was nominated as a promising Young Talent during the Manifestation Festival at the Dutch Design Week 2019.

The differences between these two cultures she grew up in have formed her as an artist and designer. The rigid military service in Israel triggered her individuality to come out and awoke a true artist in her. 

Tamar has a fascination for texture, color and patterns and she uses clay techniques to express this. Food – and vegetables in particular – has always played an essential role in her life. This led her to explore the relationship between vegetables, art and human life. The result of which was The Veggie Collection. This collection consists of ceramic and plaster works of art, tiles and lamps that portray the natural texture of vegetables.

During the Covid lockdowns, Tamar felt the need to renew and further expand her collection with the development of new abstract sculptures. With the same message in mind, she has shifted the focus from vegetables to recognizable kitchen utensils such as a garlic press or pasta machine. With this she creates natural textures on her ceramic vases and objects and allows nature to return to the interior.


For more information or job inquiries, please feel free to write to me!

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