My name is Tamar Yogev

I'm a multidisciplinary artist / designer


My name is Tamar Yogev and I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer, based in Groningen, The Netherlands.

I was born in The Netherlands and raised in Israel and In 2017 I majored in printmaking at the Textile Design Department of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, in Tel Aviv, where I studied for two years. In my third year, I moved to the Netherlands where, in 2019 I was graduated Cum Laude from Minerva Art Academy, obtaining a diploma in product design. The two fields clearly influence my work.

Fascinated with texture, textiles and patterns, I combines different techniques and materials such as ceramics, porcelain and plaster to design my project.

Also, the two countries and the differences between the cultures have formed me as an artist and designer. The rigid, compulsory military service in Israel triggered my creativity to come out and awoke the true artist in me. Growing up in a traditional household in Israel where healthy food is highly regarded inspired me to research the connection between vegetables, art and human life and create the continually expanding Veggie Collection.


For more information or job inquiries, please feel free to write to me!